Hello Grangers, if you are a officer and you would like your contact information on this page please email me your information
  and I will put it next to your name. Email me @ miker235illinoisgrange@gmail.com                                             

            Officers of the Illinois State Grange 2018 -2019

          Master: Lynette Schaeffer
         Overseer: Karie Blasingame
         Lecturer: Ethan Edwards
        Steward: Brad Wade
        Assent Steward: Rick O'Dell
        Lady Assent Steward: Carrie Fisher
        Chaplain: Charlotte Mehrtens
       Treasurer: Kevin Joseph
        Secretary: Sheri Konieczki
        Gatekeeper: Don Ellwanger
        Flora: Angela Dickerson
        Ceres: Sara Ellwanger
        Pomona: Patti Lee
        Executive Committee:
        Gary Hecathorn (2018) 
         Frank D. Wurth (2019)
          Lyle Lee (2020)  

                     Committee chairperson's for 2017 & 2018

   Agriculture Director and    Committee
     Carol Neff
     Albert Ebel III
   Community Service Director
     Tracey Jones
  Deaf Activities Director
     Cara Johnston
  Family Activities Director and   Committee
     Marilyn Hoffmann
        Jennifer Tobin-Tinch                                                                                                                             
    Sharon Fidder
  Communication Director
    Elaine Hecathorn
   Beverly Smith
  IL Granger Editor
   Ruth Blasingame
  Junior Directors
   Melinda (Mindy) Schiefer 
  Legislative Director
   Roy Plote
   Marion Thornberry
  Membership Director
   LindaKay Ebel
  Web Master for www.illiniosgrange.org     
   Mike Ratcliffe: 235 Parker Ave West Chicago, IL 60185. miker235illinoisgrange@gmail.com