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2018 State Session Junior Contests


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All Junior Contests - Individual must be Junior +1, or Jr Grange member:  Three age groups 5-7, 8-10, 11-14 (include date of birth on entry) Entry age as of 1/1/18

Sucker craft -  Create a craft using suckers as the main component.  Size limit is 12x12x12 Tidbit: One theory as to why Illinois was nicknamed the "Sucker State" dates back to Galena's mining industry of the 1820s. The first successful lead mine in Galena opened in 1824. Word of the mines resulted in thousands of people from central and southern Illinois and Missouri making their way north along the Mississippi river to Galena to search for work during the warm months. Those same people would head back south when it turned cold. These migrants were nicknamed "suckers" after the similar patterns of the fish species in the Mississippi.

Corn craft - Create an item using corn as the main component.  Size limit is 12x12x12 Tidbit: This is the leading crop in Illinois. 

Log cabin craft – Build a “log” cabin out of any material you wish. Size limit is 12x12x12.  Tidbit: The current manufacture of Lincoln Logs claims that they are named for Abraham Lincoln and him being known for living in a log cabin.

Super” Me – Draw a picture of yourself in a superhero outfit, include a brief description of what your  “super” powers would be and how you would use them.  A photo of your face can be used as part of drawing.  Size Limit is 11x17. Tidbit: Metropolis, IL is the “Hometown of Superman” and has a 12 foot tall, two-ton bronze statue which was added in 1993. 

Native American craft – Learn about tribes that would have lived in IL and make a craft representing their lifestyle or something that would have been used by them…for example clothes, homes, games they would have played.  Tidbit:  IL comes from a Native American word meaning “Tribe of superior men” 

Melinda (Mindy) Schiefer Illinois State Grange JR Director

10949 Faust Road, Trenton, IL  62293


I may not answer numbers I do not recognize so please leave a message when calling, or text. I can also be reached through Facebook.