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Greetings to all and Merry Christmas!!

I am super excited for this next Junior year and the activities we will be doing.
Here is the 2017 Junior Grange overview :

State Session Junior Contests

All Junior Contests must be Junior +1 / Jr Grange member: Three age groups 5-7, 8-10, 11-14 (include date of birth on entry) Age is defined by age as of 1/1/17

Junior Book Deadline postmark 9/1/17

3-D Pirate Ship - Create a pirate ship from your imagination or a picture using any material you wish. Size limit is 12x12x12 (flag height not to exceed 18 inches).

Tin Punch - Create an item using the tin punch method (can be luminary or not). Size limit is 12x12x12

Parrot Drawing - Draw a picture of a parrot in a medium of your choosing that is not framed. (examples are pencil, paint, crayon, etc) Size limit is 11x17

Treasure Chest - Create a treasure chest out of any material. It does not have to be able to open or close. (optional fill with personalized treasures) Size limit is 10x10x10

Membership Board - Create a table display board using a trifold display board. Have your poster be specific to your Grange and include the name of your Junior Grange, Meeting dates & times (or who to contact), and Grange Hall Location. Include pictures and any items you would include on a display table so people can learn about your Junior Grange such as activities, and any information which you feel is important. (If your Grange Hall owns items you would display, please take a picture versus removing the item from the Grange Hall).

State Junior Activities

Illinois State Junior Grange Camp 2017 - June 3-5 (Fri 5pm Sun 11:30am) at the Hopewell Grange Hall.
(474 Grange Road Washington, IL 61571)
Illinois State Junior Day (North) - January 14th 2017 (1pm-5pm) at the Flora Grange Hall.
(2105 Stone Quarry Rd Belvidere, IL 61008)
Illinois State Junior Day (South) - March 11th 2017 (1pm-5pm) at Broad Hollow Grange Hall.
(6733 Robinson School Road New Athens, IL 62264))

2017 State Session Opening

I would like the Juniors to open on Saturday like they did last year. This was something I wanted to bring back from my junior days, so I was excited to see it in September. The opening drill will be open to all Juniors with first practice occurring at Camp. Due to the limited number of offices, Junior Grangers who attend the most Junior State Grange activities throughout the year will have first opportunities for this honor.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


Trisha Renken
ISG Junior Director