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2017 Illinois State Grange Lecturer Contests


by Patty Bearth, Illinois State Grange Lecturer


Please bring your entries to Illinois State Grange Session on Friday, September 15, 2017 before noon. I hope we will have a good showing. I will send all National Grange entries onto our National Grange Lecturer. I would like Illinois to have entries at National Grange session. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Rules for EACH Illinois State Grange Lecturer contest include the following:


2016-2017  Contest Guidelines for every contest:

  1. One entry per member may be submitted in each class made this Grange year.

  2. Awards in each class.

    Member name and Grange name must be attached to each entry's back. Also state which contest and class it is to be entered. Please include at time of checking in the name of responsible party for each entry at State Grange Session.

  3. Eligibility – All Grange members. Junior entries include grandchildren of Subordinate members.

  4. Backing is required for all photos and artwork. This is so the entry will not be damaged by fingerprints, handling, pushpins, or any metal clip that will display the entry. NO FRAMES.


    There will be one category for Subordinate Grange members and 3 age groups for Juniors 5-7 yr old, 8-10 yr old and 11-14 yr old.


    Photography: color and black and white photographs will be judged in same category. Only prints are accepted for judging. No slides. Prints may be made by a commercial process but must have been taken by the entrant personally within this Grange year. No altering with use of photo editing software is allowed. Photo size should not exceed 5x7. No backing should exceed 3/4” from the photograph and be rigid. No professional photographers may enter (by professional I mean they can't make their living from photography.) These are 4 of the eight categories our National Lecturer chose for her contest. For State, the photo size can be no larger then 5”x7”. You can choose one of these photos or another photo in the other 4 categories to have enlarged to the size our National Lecturer states in her contest so Illinois can be represented at National Session in November 2017.



                You may add a caption to entry


                You may add a caption to entry


                You may add a caption to entry


                You may add a caption to entry



    There will be one category for Subordinate Grange members and 3 age groups for Juniors 5-7 yr old, 8-10 yr old and 11-14 yr old.

    Creative Writing: May be handwritten or typed, (printed from a computer.) If handwritten, it must be legible and neat using black or blue ink pen. Work must be your own creation, not copied from another source. Length must not exceed 1 double space typed 8.5”x11” page (font size 12-14) or 1 1/2” hand written pages. Can use school theme paper.


    Tell us about your pet: past, present, future or imaginary in story form:

                Will be read at the Talent Show at State Session on Saturday evening


    How advertising effects our lives:

                Poem form please. Use a TV commercial, billboard or other form of advertising as the basis for your poem. Will be read at the Talent Show at State Session on Saturday evening.



    There will be one category for Subordinate Grange members and 3 age groups for Juniors 5-7 yr old, 8-10 yr old and 11-14 yr old.



    Grange wall hanging/picture:

                Create a wall hanging or picture using any medium depicting something found at a Grange meeting. Size not to exceed  8”x10”. Can be hung vertical or horizontal. No frame, glass or breakable materials allowed. Should be light enough to hang with clips at State Session for display purposes.



    These two contests are for Juniors Only

    Age groups are 5-7 yr old, 8-10 yr old and 11-14 yr old


    K-Cup Creation:            

                Use at least one “used” but clean K-cup (single serving coffee container.) I envision a top hat using one K-cup to a floral arrangement using many K-cups. Size of creation not to exceed 12” in any direction.


    Seed Art: Ex: Collage, bird feeder, etc. There will be extra points for collecting your own seeds from the outdoors. Include a note card listing names of seeds used and purpose intended for your creation. Size not to exceed 12” in any direction.



    And let's not forget the Talent Contest at State Session for any age. No categories.


    Everyone can do something for talent. Be it singing, playing an instrument, a skit, or even telling some corny jokes or groaners. WE NEED TALENT!!  Let's not depend on the youth to do it all, but rather show the Youth how its done!! Can you imagine if just one person from each Grange participates in the talent show? We would have over 30 entries WOW!! No more than 5 minutes long. Thank you.


    Please email, text or call me if you have a specific request ahead of time. I will have a CD/cassette player on hand. Also, you NEED NOT be attending National to participate. We just want to have a fun evening.

National Lecturer contests (3 total)

Amanda Leigh Brozana, National Grange Lecturer,

At 2016 National Grange Session a new National Grange Lecturer was elected. I have not heard if these National contests are correct or if they will change.


The rules  for Lecturer's Program in a Box state to create the program using computer power point software. If you need help with that, Patty (me) will get you help. Just ask me. Even though the instructions below state to email entry to Amanda, I would like you to email me the entry &/or send paper copy to Illinois State Grange Session in September so your State Grange peeps can benefit from your entry also and be judged.


Lecturer's Program in a Box Contest

            Alone, any Lecturer can only create so much, find so many experts and come up with so many ideas, but with more than 2,000 Lecturers around the country, there are innumerable opportunities for great programs to be shared around the Grange nation. For this reason, we are announcing a new contest from the Lecturer’s Department called “Lecturer’s Program in a Box.”
            This contest is open to any Lecturer at any level of the Grange. Lecturers may engage other members or non-members to assist in creation of the program but must have contributed to its creation, editing and presentation. All programs should be presented at a Grange meeting before submission.


1. Program must be submitted as a .ppt file by email to by October 31, 2017 for judging at the November National convention. You may choose to create this program on any presentation software, including Keynote, Prezi or others, but please convert and save to .ppt.

2. Program must have a title slide

3. Program must have at least 10 content slides

4. The last slide of the program must include the name of the Lecturer who is submitting the program, the date and Grange information (name, number and state) where the program was presented and names of any contributors to the program

5. Submission must include sample notice to the community (flier, media alert) on how to promote the program to the broader public

  1. Program must include in .ppt or as a stand alone document at least two of the following:
    Suggested activity (during Grange meeting or directly following)
    Suggested further reading/viewing list
    Word search or crossword (saved as PDF)
    Song lyrics, Poem or other creative work to engage audience
    Video or audio clip
    Fact Sheet (saved as PDF)
    Game suggestion
    Sample letter to elected official (as PDF)
    Other tool or idea to engage audience with the presentation during the meeting or as a Grange thereafter.

    Submissions & Uses

            All programs submitted by the deadline will be blind-judged by a panel and all Lecturers who submit a program will receive a certificate of participation. All submissions given a “Quality” or “Outstanding” or “Exceptional” rating will be compiled into a document and distributed electronically to Grange Lecturers as an Idea Book, similar to those distributed in the 1950-70s.

    Informative and factual (40 pts.)
    Professionalism (grammar, language, approach, etc.) (15 pts.)
    Interest factor (would it attract non-members to come to listen?) (10 pts.)
    Interactivity/Engagement Potential (15 pts.)
    Creativity in concept (10 pts.)
    Reflective of Grange principles/values/issues of interest (10 pts.)

    To receive a Quality rating, your program must have a 70 pt. or higher average across all judges
    To receive an Outstanding rating, your program must have a 85 pt. or higher average across all judges
    To receive an Exceptional rating, your program must have a 95 pt. or higher average across all judges.


2016-17 National Grange Photography Contests 


            ● Junior (5-14 years old - enrolled as a Junior Grange Member at the start of National Grange Session in the year of submission)

            ● Adult (14 years and up - a member in good standing of a Subordinate Grange)

            ● A member may enter only ONE photo at National Grange Session. 



Granger at Play











● A National Grange Photo Contest Submission Form must be included for each entry.

● Entries must be printed in 8x10 or 8x12 and matted in an 11x14 white mat (no frames).

● Entries must be received by mail to the National Grange Lecturer by October 15, 2017. Mail entries to:   

National Grange   

ATTN: Lecturer Amanda Brozana  

1616 H St. NW   

Washington, DC 20006

● Entries will be displayed at the National Convention and entrants are responsible for picking up their entries on Saturday of National Grange Convention. Entries may be picked up by designee. Entries left are not the responsibility of the National Grange



● Entry must be made by a Grange member in good standing; entries do not have to be judged at Subordinate, Pomona or State Granges and can be sent by individual members.

● Entries can also be submitted to Subordinate, Pomona or State Grange contests concurrently.

● Entries must be the original work of the contestant.

● Images must be created between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017

● Entrants must select one class: Junior or Adult Grange Member in which all entries will compete regardless of category. One entry per person may be entered at National Grange.

● Entries may be done with any photographic medium. (digital, film, cell phone).

● Attendance at National Grange Session is not a requirement to enter contest.

● The National Grange Lecturer retains the right to disqualify any photo that depicts a scene, or image, that is contrary to the Organization’s core values, in consultation with the National Master. 



Entries will be judged prior to convention on the following;

● Adherence to contest rules

● Clarity and sharpness

● Use of light and shadow

● Composition, spacing and depth



● A first, second and third place will be awarded to each class and category. Honorable mentions may be chosen. First place will receive $20; Second place, $10; Third Place; $5.

● One best of show will be awarded across all categories and will receive $100. 


Printing and Mounting Suggestions

Printer suggestion (if you will mount yourself): $2.29 for an 8x10

Mat suggestion: $3.03 for an 11x14 with 8x10 opening   



2016-2017 National Grange Quilted Item Contest

The National Grange Quilt block contest is one key to help us share the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the National Grange in 2017.  The idea behind the contest is to create a vehicle for our members and those who have not yet joined the Grange to share their creative talents. Small monetary prizes will be awarded.  Please check back with your State Lecturer or the National Lecturer for more details. Hopefully there is enough room in this Illinois Granger issue to also include the submission form for your contest entry.



A. The period of the contest runs from January 1, 2017 until September 15, 2017. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2017 to the National Lecturer Amanda Leigh Brozana, c/o National Grange, 1616 H St. NW, Washington, DC 20006.

B. Judging will be done prior to National Grange session.

C. Any entries received after the deadline will not be judged, however, they will be exhibited at the National Grange session.

D. All entries will be retained by the National Grange to be displayed at the Quilt Show associated with the 151st Annual National Grange Convention in Spokane, Wash., in November 2017.  All items will be on display and for sale during the event to raise funds for the Grange Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity.  Upon submission, you will receive a donation letter from the Grange Foundation acknowledging your donation and encouraging you to provide it to your tax adviser or to use IRS Publication 561: Determining the Value of Donated Property to understand what you may be able to claim as a tax deductible contribution. All entries will be given proper credit and awards.


Group I – Adult 

Section 1 – Fabric Unfinished Quilt Block                  

Spiderweb Star, greens & browns, 12 ½” x 12 ½” The 2017 Quilt Block Pattern is the SPIDERWEB STAR in Greens and Browns with accent colors reminiscent of the earth and agriculture.  The pattern to use can be found at The block must come UNFINISHED and measure 12 ½” x 12 ½”.


Section 2 – Finished Fabric Quilted Items

Class A – finished table runner – no larger than 18” x 60”

Class B – Finished Quilted Pillow – no larger than 18” x 18”

Class C – Quilted Wall Hanging – no larger than 48” x 48”

Class D – Quilted Coffee Cozy (Suggestion:

Class E – Quilted Crib/Baby Quilt – no larger than 45” x 54” 


Group II – Junior Grange Member

Garden Path - green, gold and white (accents of blue may also be used) Pattern may be found at:


Section 1 – Fabric Unfinished Quilt Block 12 ½” x 12 ½” 

Section 2 – Quilted Potholder 


NOTE: Finished means (batted and backed)