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AG. CHAIRMAN:  Carol Neff                                                                  2nd Year Member:  Albert Ebel

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2.  On entry form with list of items, PRINT Name, Grange, and County for EACH PERSON entering an item.  Make extra copies of Form (if have a printer or bank, library, or other places may provide free copies).  

     a.  Circle either Vegetable, Field Crop, Fruit, Flowers, Antiques or Junior and note Jr. age group where required.  

      b. Circle Item under each Category (i.e., Fruit—Grapes. etc.)

      c.  Note how many items are required so you don’t get disqualified.  

3.  Vegetables, Field Crops, and Fruit must be grown or harvested between 1 Sept. 2017 and Sept. 2018.

     a.  Will be auctioned unless picked up prior to the time announced at State Grange Session.

4.  Flowers and Antiques can be from previous years.  (Flowers not auctioned unless you want them auctioned.)

5.  Miniature Garden/Fairy GardenMAY NOT BE MADE FROM A KIT.

    a.  Be creative but ideas are also available in magazines, on the computer, at libraries, etc.

    b.  Suggestions:   Use items from your yard, garden, or woods (twigs, stones, small branches, nuts, pinecone scales, pebbles, etc.), can cover a small birdhouse with items from nature (twigs, pinecone scales, pebbles, etc.)   use doll house miniatures, etc.,  jelly beans, small silk blossoms, spongy moss, miniature items, sheet moss with adhesive backing (available at hobby stores, etc.), plus any other items.  

     c.  Base can be slices of wood, low sided plastic container, or other items easy to transport.

6.  Flower Arrangement:

     a.  Flowers may be grown in the garden OR purchased.

     b.  Judging will be done on how they are arranged and flowers used.

7.  Antiques:  (Farm Related or Household Antiques)

     a.  1930 or any year prior to 1930.  

     b. Will be judged but WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE AUCTION.

     c.  NOTE:  Size—30” or smaller in either direction.

8.   JUNIORS OR children or grandchildren of Grange members if a Grange does not have a Junior Grange.

    a.  Circle AGE category on entry form—The age is the age of the child as of September 2018.

    b.  Fill out top of entry form with name, Grange, and county.

    b.  Gourd Birdhouse—The Gourd can be grown or purchased.                           (Wren)

                                         Child must decorate the gourd for the birdhouse but parent can drill the hole (Qtr size thru 1”).

     c.  Poster on declining population of Monarch Butterflies OR Bees OR Bats.

          (1) Show about declining population and how we can help them.

          (2) No limit to size.

      d.  Vegetables:  

            a.  Many juniors, children, and grandchildren help their parents garden so Juniors may enter the Vegetable Category.

                 (1)  If children are not gardening, this may encourage them to do so.

            b.  The Juniors will be judged along with the adults—MAKE SURE TO NOTE THAT IT IS A JUNIOR ENTRY.


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1 Sept. 2017 –  Sept. 2018


(CIRCLE the category AND item.)—One entry per person each category (vegetables, fruit, flowers, antiques, etc.—Must be from current Grange year (1 Sep. 2017 thru 31 Aug. plus Sept. 2018).  

I.  VEGETABLE                      V.  FLOWERS  (If want item auctioned, note to do so.)

1.   Beans (4)                        1.  African Violet Plant

2.   Beets (4)                        2.  Gladiola (3 spikes)

3.   Cabbage (1 head)                    3.  Miniature Garden/Fairy Garden (Not from Kit.)

4.   Cantaloupe (1)                    4.  Succulents

5.   Carrots (3)                        5.  Cut Flower Arrangement (Judged on how arranged--

6.   Cauliflower (1)                                       Flowers can be purchased or homegrown.)   

7.   Cucumbers (3)                    6.  Most Unusual Plant

8 .  Eggplant (1)                    7.  Any Other (3 Blooms)

9.   Gourds (2)                        VI.  ANTIQUES (30” or less, any direction) (Judged)

10.  Onions (White--3)                (1930 or Prior—Actual Item, not picture of item)

11.  Onions (Red—3)                    1.  Farm-Related Antique Item          (WILL NOT BE

12.  Onions (Yellow—3)                2.  Household-Related Antique Item) AUCTIONED.)

13.  Peppers (Sweet—3)               

14.  Peppers (Hot—3)                    VII.  JUNIOR DIVISION (AGES 5-7, 8-10, 11-14)

15.  Potatoes (Red—3)                1.  Gourd made into a bird house and decorated (Gourd

16.  Potatoes (White (3)                     can be grown or bought).

17.  Sweet Potatoes  (3)                2.  Poster featuring declining population of Monarch

18.  Pumpkins (l)                           Butterflies, OR Bees OR Bats and how we

19.  Squash (Winter—1)                        can help them.

20.  Tomatoes (Yellow—3)                3. Vegetables (Judged with Adults.) (IF JR. ENTRY,

21.  Tomatoes (Red—3)                     PUT AGE CATEGORY AFTER (I. Vegetables)

22.  Watermelon (1)               

23.  Zucchini (6-8”—1)                 Also open to Children and Grandchildren of Grange

24.  Most Unusual Shape                     when a Grange does not have a Jr. Grange.

25.  Vegetable Other Than                  (Purpose:  To encourage kids at a young age to get

       Above (3 if Small or                             involved in gardening.)

       1 if Large)

26.  Individual’s Market Basket (10 or more items)

27.  Group’s Market Basket (10 or more items)

II.  FIELD CROPS                           

1.  3 Ears of Corn                      

2.  Longest Ear of Corn                     (SEE DETAILS ON RULES FOR ENTRIES.)

3.  Corn (1 qt. bag)                          

4.  Oats (1 qt. bag)                        

5.  Soybeans (1 qt. bag)                   

6.  Wheat (1 qt. bag)                      


III.  FRUIT:                         

1.  Apples (Red—4)

2.  Apples (Yellow—4)

3.  Grapes (3 Bunches)

4.  Pears (4)

5.  Plums (4)                               

6.  Any Other Fruit (4)